Buying From Us

Our experienced English, Russian and Serbian speaking team is here to make the buying process as easy as possible.  Here are some of the reasons that our buyers are happy to recommend us to their friends and family:

  • All of our properties carry a 10 year structural warranty and a 2 year finishes warranty.
  • For completed properties we can offer a loan of 50% of the property value, payable over 24 months
  • All of our complexes are professionally managed by our sister company Pluto Property Management, ensuring that your apartment, swimming pools and gardens are always in the best condition.
  • Our complexes have onsite caretakers and receptionists, making it as easy as possible to rent out your property
  • We have a partnership with leading tourist company Explore Montenegro who can provide rental services in any of our properties

What are the steps involved in purchasing a Pluto Developments property in Montenegro?

Once you have decided to buy Pluto Developments property in Montenegro, you will be asked to complete a reservation form and pay a €5,000 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.  This takes your property off the market for 1 month whilst the sales formalities are completed.  The next step is to sign the Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) at a local notary office.

What are payment stages and are there any transfer taxes in Montenegro?

For properties under construction, there is usually a series of stage payments, with the largest due at the point the property is ready to be handed over.  For completed properties, the full amount is usually payable immediately, but we can provide a loan of 50% of the property value, for up to 24 months.  For new build property there is no transfer taxes.  For refurbishments (including many Lucici Village houses) there is a 3% transfer tax.

Do I need a lawyer to buy property in Montenegro?

We recommend that you engage an independent Montenegrin lawyer to act on your behalf during the transaction.

Who can buy in Montenegro?

Citizens of any EU country, plus Russia and Ukraine (and many other countries) can buy property Montenegro without restriction.